What readers are saying about this book

Heather Owen

M.A.T.S., Biblical Studies, M.A.I.S., Executive Leadership, Discipleship & Evangelism

"This book is a sorely needed wake-up call to the Western church to return to a right understanding of the weight and gravity of sin, and the fact that through grace we can overcome it instead of mistakenly using that grace as a license to stay mired in it. I hope that every church leader in America will pick up this book and read it and be convicted to act within their congregations."

Michele Cook

Author, Blogger, & Communications Professional

"Rend Your Hearts not Your Garments is a beautiful, honest look at sin. Beth Nyhart uses her life experience and extensive Biblical knowledge to guide you through a very tough subject. "

About the author

Beth Nyhart

Sin is an epidemic in the church, and it’s time we learned to address it. Beth Nyhart is a Christian leader, a successful business owner, wife, mother, and a recovering porn addict. God is redeeming her story as she uses it to educate churches about how to confront the sin nature in every member of the congregation.